Our mission is to enhance your company's presence in the fastest growing market in the United States- the Hispanic market- by building creative solutions that dismantle any and all cultural and linguistic barriers. Through deep cultural understanding we enable you to build trust, loyalty and sincere connections with your customers/clients, by speaking to them in their native language and acknowledging their unique values and beliefs.

Website Localization

Translation of all text on all webpages from English to Spanish.
Cultural adaptation of texts and banners to make site navigation easier and improve viewers' attitudes toward your brand.
Modify images to appeal to target culture.

Multilingual Website Implementation

Responsive web design and development in Spanish.
SEO/SEM in Spanish.
Fully integrated dual language site design.

Translation and Creation of Content

Translation of your current blog content into Spanish.
Creation of new material in Spanish.
Re-creation of videos and audio in Spanish.

Social Media

Account management and community management in Spanish.
Engagement strategy.
Measurement planning.
Advertising implementation.
Analysis & Reporting.

Who we are

We are passionate and driven linguists with the vision of revolutionizing the way companies communicate to and build relationships with modern Hispanics in the United States. Let’s bridge the gap together!

Brittany Magnin


Philadelphia, PA & Buenos Aires, Argentina

After six years of experience in multicultural, multilingual marketing and business development throughout the Americas, Bri found a love for innovating in the wild world of technology and never looked back.

Specializations: Fitness, wellness, medical, education, technology

Zachary Hill


Philadelphia, PA & Santiago, Chile

With over seven years experience in Spanish content creation, professional translation and project management, Zack is a cultural-concierge of the digital world. Globally bound, locally found.

Specializations: Banking, culinary markets, music, hotel and travel

Enzo Leone

Project Lead

Buenos Aires, Argentina & New York City

As an Argentina-born international pursuing the American dream in NYC, Enzo has 10 years working translation experience with international companies and public organizations focused on corporate finance and energy policies.

Specializations: Finance, renewable/non-renewable energy

Valeria Vegh Weis

Project Lead

Buenos Aires, Argentina & New York City

After more than 10 years of studies between Argentina and USA, Vale has obtained a PhD in Law and is passionate about helping other Hispanics in the USA feel connected and integrated so that they can excel and innovate.

Specializations: Criminal law, politics, mental health and social projects

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