What Are the Big Guys Doing to Reach Hispanic consumers?

Some of the big players in the Food and Auto industries are already paving the way in the Hispanic Marketing game. From social media posts that dig deep into the hearts of Hispanics to experiential marketing events that showcase emerging Latino artists, Starbucks, McDonalds and Toyota amongst many others are leading the way to gaining even more Hispanic followers and turning them into lifelong devoted customers.


Starbucks is already on the right path with their website in Spanish and the launch of “Noches Culturales” which are in-store events in New York, Miami, Chicago, San Antonio and Los Angeles that feature local Latin music acts and highlight Starbucks summer drinks.

Ándale, Starbucks, vamos para adelante!



McDonalds recently launched their Spanish language Twitter account (@MeEncanta) for Spanish-speaking consumers in the USA. Their most recent hashtag obsession has been #HappyFamilyMoments to further tap into what Hispanics desire most- a close family structure that prides itself on sharing and caring. The English language US account tends to stick to more culturally relevant hashtagas such as #winning.




According to Auto News, Toyota has been ranked as the top selling brand among Hispanic consumers for the last 10 years. How do they stay connected with their Hispanic consumers? They have Spanish language Instagram and Facebook accounts which are populated with posts that empower bilinguals and bring culturally relevant humor to their followers. Check out this post which focuses on the use of Spanglish to really connect with Hispanic millennials who tend to feel most comfortable and confident while expressing themselves in both languages.


¿A quién sorprenderá @iambeckyg? Mira el video completo en nuestro bio. #VayamosJuntos cc: @LaBanda #Corolla

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Aside from these three massive companies killing it in the Hispanic market, almost all large scale corporations and organizations have found their way into the fun and wild world of bicultural, bilingual marketing and have zero intention of slowing down with respect to their industry growth. Keep your eyes peeled for even more companies, big and small,  furiously searching for their space within the Hispanic market over the next few years.

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