Amazon launches Spanish language store for US Hispanics

The online retail giant Amazon launched the Spanish language version of their site in an attempt to find additional growth in a market that it already dominates. In 2016, Amazon was responsible for 43% of all online retail purchases in the United States. With a Spanish language version of the site, will now be accessible to another 17% of the US population.

According to the Business Insider, from 2014-1016 Target was Amazon’s closer competitor with year-over-year growth in online retail sales.  In 2013 Target reportedly spent $51.5 million on Hispanic marketing and advertising and has been in the top 50 spenders in that category for the last 12 years. Walmart, the fourth largest spender on Hispanic advertising, began localizing its stores and featuring more Hispanic food items in areas where there is a larger Hispanic customer base.

The 40 million native Spanish speakers and 10 million bilingual speakers in the United States now have one more online shopping platform to choose from in addition to the beloved and Not surprisingly, Amazon is challenging these retailers and posing a major threat to their share of the 1.7 trillion dollar US Hispanic market.

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