Engage Multicultural Millennials

Hispanic Millennials are the bilingual, trend-setting consumers that account for 42% of the total U.S. Hispanic population and require fresh and culturally sensitive content in both of their languages in order to choose and remain forever loyal to a brand or service provider.

Who exactly are the Hispanic Millennials in the U.S.?

  • Millennials, whom we define as those ages 18-34, of Hispanic origin (foreign born and U.S. born).
  • Approximately 22.7 million Hispanic Millennials live in the U.S.
  • 60% of U.S. Hispanics are Millennials or younger
  • Truly empowered by speaking Spanglish. 

Hispanic Millennials are a unique blend of nationalities and cultures which results in a complex consumer segment, especially considering that they have such a strong connection to both their Hispanic and U.S. cultures. Some tactics we use when spearheading your business’s digital marketing strategy to engage U.S. Hispanic Millennials are:

  1. Give them the best of both worlds.

Insight: Two out of five Hispanic Millennials were born outside the U.S. but almost all feel an equally strong cultural connection to both their homeland and their parents’ homeland. They know that they have the power to experience the best of both of these worlds- such as food, music, language, etc.- and expect nothing less than a spicy compilation of both. They respond positively to brands that successfully speak to their unique identity.

Lindigua Strategy:  When designing and executing marketing strategies, we organically, creatively, and authentically define the most important and relevant aspects of both cultures. We then seamlessly and beautifully blend them together to create a voice and an image for your business that will evoke in Hispanic Millennials a sense of familiarity and trust. We do this in a way which displays innovation, inspiration and modernness- qualities to which all Millennials are drawn.

  1. Go bilingual on social media.

Insight: Online, Hispanic Millennials are just as likely as other Millennials to be heavy Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat users. Yet, high-quality content transcends language and the best way to appeal to Hispanic Millennials is by empowering their bilingualism and speaking in a way that is unique to them. Hello Spanglish 😉

Lindigua Strategy: Our designers and social media experts create heavily visual multimedia content both in Spanish and “Spanglish”. The use of both languages is essential to deeply connect with this market. We will work closely with you to develop a perfectly balanced content creation strategy, release and distribution/promotional plan that best suits your business’s goals.  

  1. Meet and exceed technology expectations.

Insight: As is true for almost all Millennials, the internet is the most reputable resource for discovering and researching services and products. Furthermore, Hispanic Millennials are 66% more likely to connect via mobile than non-Hispanic whites and are nearly twice as likely to own a tablet.

Lindigua Strategy: Creating a dual language, mobile responsive website is a necessity when reaching and engaging Hispanic Millennials and our seasoned bilingual web developers will improve and manage the functionality of your website on all devices.

En fin…

To effectively engage Hispanic Millennials we understand and embrace how they differ from “mainstream” Millennials and from other Hispanic cohorts all while considering their ever-evolving digital behavior and motivations.

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