What Lies Behind U.S. Hispanics’ Brand Loyalty?

US_Hispanics_Brand_Loyalty_StarbucksIs making a trek through town to Starbucks for that irresistible Grande Caramel Macchiato really worth it or will a generic cup of coffee from the bakery next door do? For most U.S. non-Hispanic consumers both cost and convenience come to mind when making a decision like this one. Yet, a truly brand loyal consumer is less likely to spend even a split second contemplating the cost or convenience associated with the decision and, instead, gladly make the voyage to get their Starbucks fix.

Studies done at the University of Tennessee have taught marketing and advertising leaders that US Hispanics are rightfully known for their unwavering brand loyalty. Based on longstanding statistics, it’s not uncommon to find the same brand of laundry detergent or toothpaste inside a Hispanic household for an entire lifetime. First and second generation US Hispanics are extremely loyal to their preferred brands, but in order for companies and products to successfully gain that devout following, they must first satisfy the consumers’ culturally relevant needs.

According to the Experian Simmons Summer 2011 National Hispanic Consumer Study, 56 percent of Spanish speakers in the USA agree that, “When I hear a company advertise in Spanish, it makes me feel like they respect my heritage and want my business.” Furthermore, 54 percent are “much more loyal to companies that show appreciation of our culture by advertising in Spanish.”

Hispanic consumers do not respond well when they feel they are being sold to. They expect to connect with brands that understand and embrace their culture and that put out the necessary effort to build long-term, trustworthy relationships. Experiencing advertisements or reading information or social media posts about a product in their native language is very empowering and builds confidence in their purchasing power. It nourishes a connection and a trust that cannot be matched and which could potentially lead to a lifelong relationship between the individual and that specific brand.

The loyalty built with the Hispanic consumer will likely be inherited by younger generations to come as well. Therefore, those who accurately and compassionately market to Hispanics will be in a position to dominate the industry for many years to come. Strategically building these relationships is easier said than done and one small misstep could turn them off forever from the product. You may only get one shot, so be sure to make it a good one.